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Latest News:

Fixus Version 10.4.2 Live

January 29, 2018

We are pleased to advise that Fixus Version 10.4.2 was successfully deployed to all Production sites this evening, 29th January 2018. This release added new functionality, including significant updates relating to the PIR NDIS Transition roll out across all modules.

Key Benefits

Workflow Efficiency

Fixus is custom-built, meaning the individual workflows and data storage requirements of each health program are catered for. The solution is designed from the end-users’ perspective, requiring no repetition of data entry, meaning staff spend more time with clients and less time in front of the computer.

Minimise Training

As it is designed to follow existing workflows, staff require only a small amount of Fixus training, as little as four hours per staff member.

Comprehensive Reports 

Fixus quickly and simply generates a full suite of reports for all user levels.

Government Reporting

Fixus is specifically designed to ensure compliance with the often complex mandatory government reporting requirements; including Victorian Integrated Non-admitted Health and various Minimum Data Sets.

Not only does the Fixus software meet the reporting standards set down by government, it also pre-validates all records against the government standards before submission, resulting in a huge reduction in the number of errors reported back to health providers.

Simple Availability

Fixus is a web-based portal with a clean, easy-to-use interface, meaning it is highly flexible and delivers information in a number of ways, increasing its portability and availability. It can easily be made available to staff off-site.

Scalable Architecture

Fixus is built on the widely used technology set produced by Microsoft, which includes SQL Server, IIS Server and ASP.Net. By using these technologies, Fixus can scale to almost any size.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with a host of different software products already in use in the health industry is one of the biggest advantages of Fixus.

The software was designed with integration in mind, meaning it can “push” or “pull” information to and from other software products.

Reduced Maintenance

Fixus is an internet-based application, meaning there is no need to install and maintain software on individual computers. The system is installed once, on the central server and staff access the program via a protected web address.

Fixus also integrates with the existing Microsoft Active Directory server, meaning staff can use their existing username and password.