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Latest News:

Fixus Version 10.2 Live

April 28, 2017

We are pleased to advise that Fixus Version 10.2 was successfully deployed to all Production sites yesterday evening, Thursday 27th April 2017. This release added new functionality, including significant updates relating to the NDIS roll out across all modules.

Fixus Releases

Future Release (v10.3 - Scheduled for late June 2017)

Product Enhancements

  • [#2336] - MHNIP PMHC MDS Integration
  • [#2337] - ATAPS PMHC MDS Integration
  • [#2440] - PMHC MDS Assessments
  • [#2477] - Make Flexible Funding within Reform Plans permission based
  • [#2500] - Ability to sort expenses on the funding tab
  • [#2516] - Make PIR Notes time tab compulsory
  • [#2542] - Allow date to be editable on HONOS assessment form
  • [#2544] - Search Function refinement
  • [#2555] - New Report that Provides Details of Notes Entered
  • [#2556] - NDIS Documents Summary Report
  • [#2557] - Enhance Time report to optionally include Travel Time

Bugs to be Fixed

  • [#2541] - ATAPS Interim Session Survey name in assessments list causing display problem
  • [#2559] - Able to Assign Team Member from different Agency
  • [#2560] - New Report that Provides the Complete Detail for a given PIR Client.

Specific Client Work

  • [#2545] - Specified ATAPS Enhancements
  • [#2546] - Specified MHNIP Enhancement
  • [#2517] - Specified RAS Upgrades.

Past Release (v10.2 - Released 28th April 2017)

Product Enhancements

All Modules
  • [#2218] - NDIS tab - All modules now have the option to have an NDIS tab on their Case/Episode screen.  This tab provides the following NDIS related capabilities:

    • NDIS Eligibility Information form completion
    • NDIS Eligibility Questionnaire form completion
    • Other Assessment form completion
    • Other NDIS Document management
    • NDIS Application Status management
    • History log viewing
    • Client Services management and logging
    • NDIS Monthly Transition report.
  • [#2490] - Added a new free text field to the NDIS Eligibility Information Assessment form.
  • [#2331] - Added Permission checks for the use of widgets.
  • [#2448] - Adjusted the Case search pages to allow for partial Referral IDs (eg. where leading zeroes not entered).
  • [#2505] – Updated the validation messages in the DEX Aggregator to avoid confusion when warning level validation messages appear. Some agencies don't realise that the submission can still be locked even when warnings appear.
  • [#2513] - Added a document category drop-down list for when notes are created.
  • Various performance enhancements.
Partners in Recovery (PIR)
  • [#2274] - Migrated Ad-Hoc workflow into PIR, with respect to Term Replacement.
  • [#2450] - Additional column added on the Needs Assessment tab to show whose perspective the form was completed for.
Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS)
  • [#2476] - Altered the ATAPS Exit Validation so cases can now be closed without mandatory data if there are no sessions.
Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs)
  • [#2492] - Changed the PHaMs Waiting List widget to only show clients who are assigned to the currently logged in user.
Generic Modules
  • [#2361] - Altered the Generic DEX Submission to cater for FMHSS.
  • [#2429] - Added additional Search options for Case Level Service Events & Service Groups
  • [#2430] - Added the ability to search for notes relating to just one client in an episode with multiple clients attached.
  • [#2431] - Backdated Service Events will now default to “Completed” when the Service date entered is in the past.
Client Layer
  • [#2483] - Showing more information about Generic module Service Groups on the Client Layer.
  • [#2485] - Client involvement with a Service Group at the Client Layer level is now showing the client's status, not the Service Group status.

Resolved Bugs

All Modules
  • [#2386] - Author Only override was not working for Fixus Administrators, as the user is typically not part of an agency.
  • [#2456] - Adding a User via the Agencies screen included deleted teams.
  • [#2514] - The client search result was not showing when zero records were found on first time entry.
Partners in Recovery (PIR)
  • [#2508] - When no Support Facilitator was selected on adding a new referral, an email was not being sent to the agency to highlight this fact.
  • [#2512] - The recorded times in the Action Plan actions was not displaying correctly.
Generic Module
  • [#2457] - The Team drop down on the “Add Service Event” screen included deleted teams.
Client Layer
  • [#2482] - When trying to view a Service Group "episode" from the Client Layer, an error was showing.

Specific Client Enhancements

  • [#2207] – Created a new Activity Programs Module that includes the following features:
    • Activity Planning
    • Participant Details and Status Maintenance
    • Participant Activity Management
    • Participant Referrals and Checklists
    • Activity Widgets.