Australian owned and operated, the company has clients throughout Australia with customised software applications based on Australian workflow methodologies, government data requirements and compliance reporting.

For over a decade the company has been an innovative leader in software solutions including a wide range of specialist healthcare software applications for PHNs, Healthcare Alliances, Mental Health services and Government projects.

Fixus Technologies continues to be at the forefront of the Health sector and the NDIS, with solutions designed to assist client organisations with transition, implementation and compliance. FIXUS Technologies leads the way with successful NDIS transition, assisting almost 40% of Partners in Recovery (PIR) program providers Australia wide with a seamless, successful and smooth transition.

We have been using FIXUS PIR software for many years now and would not use anything else. The friendly FIXUS team listen to what we need and respond to our requests quickly. We are included in decisions for major software amendments, which are free of charge and when it came to the transition to NDIS, a well-planned strategy was executed. The transition from PIR to NDIS has been smooth and easy for our staff, with training and lots of support along the way. Thank you FIXUS.