Data Management & Analytics

  • Spend less time looking for data, and more time getting value from it.
  • Data is stored in highly secure data centres in Australia.
  • Control who can access data and how they can access it.
  • All data collected is replicated across multiple data centres.
  • Choose from a large collection of built in dashboard widgets or have one custom built.
  • Connect with the tools you choose to manage and report against your data.
  • Integrate with existing tools and processes using direct SQL or REST APIs.
  • All activity is fully logged and can be reported using built-in tools.


Choose from the range of standard reports that come with the platform or define your customised requirements and map reporting to your business processes.

Data Extracts

Data extracts give you the control to manipulate, extrapolate and elaborate on data to your hearts content. Custom data queries designed for you create a scheduled data extract in Excel format.

Direct Database Access

Direct access to your database provides the flexibility to analyse your data in ways that work for you. Create a data warehouse and perform enterprise level analysis using your favourite business intelligence system.

Your data, your way

Work with your data using the tools you choose. Fixus lets you access your data as standard reports, daily data extracts, direct database access and API’s.

Dashboards drive success

Use dashboards to gain valuable insight into your data, make better decisions, and align your team with workflows that promote program success.

Fixus dashboard screenshot

Business Intelligence

Connect your Fixus data set to popular business analytics packages such as Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power BI.

Fixus dashboard displayed on laptop

Easily manage your health and social care programs with online case management software.

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