• Programs are customised to your specific data collection needs and can change as your organisations needs do.
  • Manage your workloads across multiple programs, multiple agencies and multiple teams.
  • Pre-validate your minimum data sets using the built-in validation rules engine.
  • Manage access to all resources using the role based security model.
  • Choose from the ever increasing collection of built-in industry endorsed assessments.
  • Manage expenses, brokerage, invoices and purchase orders against client case records.
  • Manage your program policies and procedures in the centralised knowledge base.
  • Australian based product support team.


Centrally manage workloads across multiple agencies & teams.


Manage information from multiple health programs, all within the one platform.

MDS Reporting

Use the Minimum Data Set validation engine to enhance the timeliness and quality of your reporting.


Gain valuable insight into your data and make better decisions to align your team.


A comprehensive note taking system allows case workers to create a record of their activity and interactions.


The document store allows you to upload and manage documents within your case files.


Smart assessment forms empower your team to make better diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Knowledge Base

Enhance productivity by sharing policies, procedures and guides with your team using the built in knowledge base.


Manage multiple types of consent across multiple programs.


Manage schedules for clients, service providers and agency staff members.

Action Plans

Create and manage needs based action plans to help your clients meet their goals.

Service Directory

Use the built in service directory to maintain contact details for external service providers.


Protect your clients and staff by recording alerts for individual clients.

Time Recording

Track time spent delivering care and services broken into categories such as travel and contact.


Record expenses connected to individual client records.


Manage costs associated with external service delivery.

Reduced staff training time!

Stop wasting valuable time learning how to work around generic, bloated software. Bring new staff members online faster with datasets and workflows designed around your health or socially focused program.

Fixus case detail feature screenshot
Fixus dashboard screenshot

Measure success effortlessly!

Put an end to the wasted hours when pulling together key metrics for your health or socially focused programs. Fixus provides instant, accurate and up to date program metrics at the touch of a button.


In order to improve information sharing and collaboration within organisations that run multiple programs, Fixus can manage the client record centrally with the client then being enrolled in the various programs. Core demographic information can then be shared within the team supporting each individual.

MDS Reporting

Minimum data sets are a key feature of the allied health and social care sectors. They play an important role in providing funding bodies with the feedback they need to measure the success of their initiatives. Fixus has a MDS validation and reporting framework built into its core allowing the Fixus platform to cater to any minimum data set required.

Fixus dashboard displayed on laptop

Easily manage your health and social care programs with online case management software.