Primary Mental Health Care V4

Posted on December 22, 2022 by Paul Mac

PMHC (Primary Mental Health Care) V4 is a model developed by the Australian Government Department of Health to provide guidance on the provision of mental health care. The model aims to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of mental health care services for individuals in their local communities in Australia.

We are pleased to announce that Version 4 of the PMHC data specification has now been included as part of Release 11.6 of the Fixus PMHC module. This set of updates continues our commitment to support the Primary Health Networks within Australia by maintaining the PMHC minimum data set. Fixus has maintained 100% support for the PMHC minimum data set from its inception and our latest set of updates continues this ongoing commitment.

Core changes include:

  • Updated labels to match minimum data set terminology.
  • Updated the data model and collection screens, aligning the Fixus case manager with the PMHC V4 data specification.
  • Added the PMHC V4 data validation rules to the Fixus validation engine.
  • Added the PMHC V4 data set to the Fixus reporting engine.

A more detailed view of the release notes can be found on the Fixus Case Manager 11.6 page.