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Secure Messaging in the Healthcare Industry

The Benefits of Secure Messaging and HL7 The healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive and important industries in the world. It deals with sensitive patient information and requires secure communication to ensure the privacy and security of this information. Secure messaging is one of the most important tools in the healthcare industry to […]

Secure File Delivery Service

It is almost impossible to operate a business without the use of the internet and whilst this amazing resource has its benefits, there are dangers too. Governments from around the world have slowly come to grips with the information age and are creating policy designed to drive behaviours that protect national interests. The cornerstone document […]

Safety online and awareness

What’s the first thing you reach for in the morning? If you’re like most Australians, it’s your phone or tablet so you can access the Internet. Being online is now part of everyday life. From online shopping and scrolling through social media feeds to emails and banking. But safety online reaches further than having strong […]

Password security tips

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you work in the health industry and have an interest in keeping the information you work with secure and away from prying eyes. Do you leave your house unlocked with the windows open when you go out for your morning walk? Probably not – because you care about […]

Six ways we are changing client information management

We have been overseeing a shift in Australia’s client information management with the rollout of our new cloud-based application called Fixus. Fixus changes the way health organisations gather, record and report on client data. Health organisations can increase efficiency, saving time and money through a customised Fixus solution. Benefits of using Fixus include: Data access […]