Six ways we are changing client information management

Posted on January 15, 2014 by Paul Mac

We have been overseeing a shift in Australia’s client information management with the rollout of our new cloud-based application called Fixus.

Fixus changes the way health organisations gather, record and report on client data. Health organisations can increase efficiency, saving time and money through a customised Fixus solution.

Benefits of using Fixus include:

  1. Data access and entry in the field. Using Fixus from any tablet device means that users can efficiently and instantaneously access what they need, without having to wait to return to their office.
  2. Customised solutions. Different Fixus modules are specifically tailored to data and reporting requirements of a variety of healthcare areas, including Partners in Recovery, Headspace, Access to Allied Psychological Services, Personal Helpers and Mentors, Hospital Admission Risk Program, Post Acute Care Program, Community Health, Residential In-reach, Palliative Care Consultancy, Community Palliative Care, and Carer Support Services.
  3. Applications and data accessed via the cloud mean cheaper, easier client information management. Fixus uses secure storage systems to ensure ease of access whilst maintaining the highest standards for security.
  4. Efficiencies through the use of stage gate validation. Data is verified as it is entered into the system, with checks to ensure entered data meets government reporting requirements.
  5. Financial savings. Fixus is designed intuitively and individually tailored, making it simple to understand and operate. Users are not licenced, meaning lower organisational costs.
  6. Access to training and full support. New users require just two hours or less of training to get started, with the Fixus team on hand long term to solve any queries.

For more information about the Fixus product, contact us on 1300 032 200.