Fixus Release 11.4

Posted on August 11, 2022 by Paul Mac

We are pleased to announce the planned incremental release (11.4) of the Fixus Case Manager has now been successfully rolled out. This release brings some exciting new features to the platform as well as performance and security improvements, and bug fixes.

Support for pronouns has been added to the participant management interface. Pronouns are important because, by using a person’s pronouns correctly, you are showing them respect and forming an inclusive environment.

This small but important improvement will increase awareness of participants pronoun preferences for everyone using the Fixus platform.

Secure File Delivery brings the ability to securely send documents to someone outside your organisation without the complication of having to share passwords. All you need is their name, email address and mobile phone number, and you can start sending documents in minutes.

Email notification delivery feedback has now been added in the form of the creation of a note against the client case. This lets you know if email messages sent from Fixus reached their intended recipient.

A more detailed view of the release notes can be found on the Fixus Case Manager 11.4 page.