Fixus Release 11.5

Posted on October 20, 2022 by Paul Mac

We are pleased to announce the planned incremental release (11.5) of the Fixus Case Manager has now been successfully rolled out. This release brings some exciting new features to the platform as well as performance and security improvements, and bug fixes.

Assessments are such an important part of delivering informed health care services. In order to make the most of this valuable tool we have improved the assessment summary panel making it easier to see assessment results collected together, and visualised results showing result progression.

This small but important improvement will increase awareness of participants pronoun preferences for everyone using the Fixus platform.

The email notifications feature has now been completely rebuilt and redesigned bringing a modern look to this important communications interface. All templates are now fully customisable including the message and branding.

The new look templates bring a clean, modern feel to your communication.

The mail merge feature has been with the Fixus product from its early days, providing the ability to create Word documents merged with client data.

In addition to the existing set of merge fields you can now merge your Word templates with custom dynamic data fields.

A more detailed view of the release notes can be found on the Fixus Case Manager 11.5 page.